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Brand New Music Venue Launches at Classic Napa Valley Golf Course

I had a chance to chat with Kevin Daniel from The Special Guests about his involvement with the newly announced Fairview Music at Napa Golf Series starting on July 4th.

SM: Theres a buzz on the streets and Social Media that there's something fun going on at The Fairview / Napa Golf at Kennedy Park. What's up?

KD: You've heard it right, there's a new party going on at the Fairview at Napa Golf every Thursday night where people can just relax, listen & dance to great live music, grab a drink and have as much fun as they'd like, so I guess our target audience is good people out looking for a great time.

SM: What is the vision for The Fairview Music at Napa Golf Series?

KD: When I was growing up in Chicago the best times I had was going down to the local fish fry or Block Party BBQ with my family and friends where we all danced and carried on with everyone to the hottest local bands in town.

Real Honest to Goodness, God Bless America, Mom and homemade Apple Pie type of stuff that made life worth living.

That's what we're going to bring on Thursday Nights for everyone, all year long.

During the warmer months we'll take advantage of the wonderful outdoor deck and beautiful views while later on when the weather changes we'll head inside to their popular banquet room with a full bar and keep the fun rolling, so this'll have legs if the community gets behind it.

Right now we have a great lineup featuring many of the area's most popular bands such as Off The Record, Papa Joe & The New Deal, The Class Action Band, The Legendary Alvon Johnson, and The Special Guests, with a lot more surprises in the works.

They're all committed to helping get this thing off the ground and but I also want to help the local musical community by regularly having the always popular local Open Mics like when we'd pack the house at Uncorked. I'd also like to try Spotlight Nights where local bands that may be under the radar looking for that boost / local break can come out and blow us all away

SM: What do they offer in terms of food and drink?

KD: Currently you can't go wrong with classic good time comfort foods like All American Hot Dogs & French Fries, Chicken Strips, Nachos, Onion Rings and Fried Mozzarella Sticks. When this takes off like the feedback we've received suggests they're planning on opening up their full menu.

As far as drinks go there's a full service bar featuring ice cold draft beer and strong well drinks and spirits so they've got you covered. Can you say All Night Happy Hour Specials? How cool is that?

The real focus is for people to come on out and forget their troubles for a spell while being able to grab something hot and a couple Cold Beers for less than a glass of wine at those "Elite" tourist venues downtown. #Bottle$hock!

SM: The World Comes to Napa... are you looking to attract tourists, locals or both?

KD: I don't care where you're from, if you can tap your toes and grin you're in 😉

SM: Please describe what is unique or interesting about the venue.

KD: Here's what's so cool about this. The Fairview at Napa Golf is one of the Premier Event and Wedding Facilities across all of the Napa Valley with award winning facilities and magnificent views.

I'm always busy, I didn't reach out to them, they reached out to me (!) wanting to offer the local live music fans and community someplace cool where they can gather and not be bothered while enjoying some of the best the Napa Valley has to offer.

How can you not be excited to have that type of goodwill and access AND be able to sing and dance your troubles away to boot? #DUH

Anything else I should know?

KD: This is going to be fun. We're doing things differently out here where the bands and their fans are rewarded and appreciated for doing their part.

I'm confident that if you spend some of your precious leisure time with us m, you're going to end up with a bunch of great memories, a big grin on your face at the end of the night and you'll be counting the days to the next show.

Let's do this...


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